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A Box Full of Matches
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A creative business specialising in Wedding Stationery,
with a personalised touch. 

& Guest Photographers

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You'll fall in love all over again

You only do it once and maybe twice, creating a special day to celebrate with your friends and family the commitment to your best friend.

Why not take it to the next level and remind everyone why you're
a match made in heaven.

"I guarantee your guests will be WOW'ed"

When you know, you know!

I have created some designs for those couples
wanting something simple.

Chose a design that resonates the most with you both
and I can create your dream stationery for you

"It's a perfect match!"

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0438 085 830 - 10am-5pm Mon-Fri

A Box Full of Matches

0438 085 830
10am-5pm Mon-Fri

Here's a bit about me:


This is me and my partner
in crime, Alberto.



Hi my name is Emily.

I create custom and unique Wedding Invitations & Stationery, using both Photography and Graphic Design. I take pride in meeting with each couple to truly understand the uniqueness between every couple.

I grew up always making gifts and cards for friends and loved ones. My mum and dad have a Box Full of treasures I have made them over the years. After my degree in Graphic Arts and Public Relations I worked on many design projects. However I fell in love with being creative and designing Wedding Invitations.

"Still to this day I can't believe that creating one invite for my best friend has now developed into a business. I am proud of creating beautiful invitations that make so many people so happy".

It would be my pleasure to design your Wedding Stationery.


What's with the business name, you might ask.

In 2011 I started freelance working, on the side of my corporate job, as a product photographer for small and large businesses in Melbourne. I needed a business name and I came up with the idea over a conversation with a dear friend, that with creative jobs you need to match the idea or brief you have been given. Therefore playing on the wording that I would always have a match for the clients needs, if I had a box full of matches.

To this day it still works in the Wedding industry. It's a Match made in heaven. A Perfect Match!

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