Why is foiling so expensive??

ohhhh I LOVE foiling! It looks amazing. I don't know about you, but I love stationery and when it comes to Gold, Silver, Rose Gold or even Copper foiling I think it speaks for it's self!

Often I have many inquires about Gold Foiling, and what the costs are. If you haven't already got a quote from me, or someone else you'll have experienced the shock of the cost. But I do have to break it down so you can appreciate the craft and why it costs so much.

Firstly, the techniques they is used for Gold Foiling and Letter Press, is an old craft, and this means the machinery is also old and very expensive. They have these beautiful big press machines that look like they have come out of an old movie from the 1800's. Of course there are actually newer machines, however the cost is still pretty high.

The process when they do the gold foiling is making a personalised stamp, just for your stationery. So there is no personalising with the guest names. Unlike digital printing. The actual Gold ink/sheets are also more expensive and the paper needs to be at least 400gsm for the final product to look nice. To set up the stamp costs a minimum of $1000.00. So this is the starting point, and there are additional costs in there, like the designing time, the paper costs, the envelopes and the printing on the envelopes, and any additional digital printing included on the stationery.

There are companies that can do it cheaper, however the local businesses I have received quotes from have all been starting from at least $1000.00.

They are beautiful don't get me wrong.

On the upside! I have been using a digital Metallic Ink instead, which is a LOT cheaper!! And it's a quicker turn around. It doesn't have the embossed or pressed look, however it still does a nice job. It's also not as shinny but I think it's a nice compromise.

Check out my invitations for examples.