Tips to make the Wedding preparation easier:

Tips to make the Wedding preparation easier:

-       Communication, and lots of it! Honesty is the best policy, with an open heart and a loving mind you will work through the differences and rejoice in the commonalities. The old rule of never going to bed angry. Talk it out with compassion and supportive words.

-       Get a Wedding Planning App! It’s the best thing I ended up doing. It was free and really easy to use. It helps put it all down in one place rather than having a thousand lists. It also tracks the days you have left and how much money you have spent, and have remaining in your budget.

-       Delegate where you can. Your family, friends and more importantly the bridesmaids and grooms mates are there to help. They will want to know they can help you both so make sure where you can you can include them or even better give them jobs to help.

-       Make sure you plan time to relax, switch off, play and be together. Sometimes just doing a physical puzzle can get your mind off the wedding but still feel like you’re accomplishing something

-       Call your closest relative! I think I called my mum nearly every day!

-       Go to more than one venue when picking so you have something to compare too.