Thank You Card wording

Your special day might be over but the memories will last a lifetime.

Take the time over a few weekends, and maybe a champagne to think about what you'd like to say on your Thank You Cards. Just listen to your heart and let what ever come out. You might find that you have more than one thank you note; one for the people who gave a gift but were unable to attend, two, a note for those who came to the wedding and gifted you with money, and thirdly, you might have another note for those who came but gave you a present. There's no right and wrong way.

The weeks after the wedding can bit really busy, rest up, reflect and remember it doesn't matter when you send out your thank you cards. Some couples have the chance to receive their Wedding Photos really quickly so they can get their thank you cards out not far after. Other couples have honeymoons, move house, build a house, and might even be expecting within 12 months from the wedding, so life gets in the way. No one is going to blame you, I promise, and if so they'll get over it. I've had some couples do their thank you cards 12months out, what a great idea! You can recap, tell your guests all your wonderful news.

You might even like to hand write your thank you notes, or you could ask me to print the message for you. These days I can even print the guest name on the cards as well.

Here is some Thank You Card Wording, that might give you a good start, find the ones that resonate with you both the best and put your little spin onto them if you need.

When Ordering: I need to know the following few things:
- How many do you need?
- What Size? A6 or DL or Square Post Card Style, A6 or Square Folded Card, or you might like the greeting card size, either Post Card or Folded.
- Selection of your favourite photos 1-6
- The layout design you'd like the photos and wording. There are plenty to find here
- Your Thank you notes, as well as any wording for the front "Thank You! DD/MM/YY" "Mr and Mrs" "One year on" for example
- Your guest list in an excel file, with their names and addresses as you'd like to see them appear on the envelopes.
- Your return address "Mr and Mrs Smith, 111 Smith St, Melb Vic, 3000, Australia"
- Paper choice; Textured Cris Cross, Textured Matte Lines, Matte, Gloss or Metallic
- Square or Round corner edges

What's included:
- Graphic Design
- White envelopes to match the size of the card
- Printing on quality paper
- Square or Round Cornering
- Printing on the envelopes of the guest names and their addresses as well as your return address
Postage is not included, this includes the stamps. $10.50 flat rate express delivery to your door

Lots of love,