Tips on what not to do in planning your Wedding Stationery:

Tips on what not to do in planning your Wedding Stationery:

-       Try not to sweat the small stuff

-       Less negative talk. Change your language into positive words for example “I have to…” What about “I get to…” At least your putting a positive tone onto your words rather than dragging it down.

-       Leave everything to the last minute. Plan a timeline, use a Wedding App. So then when your family and friends ask, “Have you done this.. have you done that” you feel less stressed because you’ve got your trusty planner to keep you on track.

-       Think that everything needs to be perfect. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but really nothing is perfect in this world and there is no doubt something that is going to be off the plan, or slight go wrong. Make the wrongs into rights; let them go. Maybe that makeup artist that never got back to you is the wrong person for you. The imperfections often become the beautiful elements. The rain makes for amazing lighting for the photographer, yes it’s a lot harder for them and for you, yet I’ve seen some absolute amazing photos of couples where the photographer has made the most of the rain.

-       Don’t let your bridal party spoil your day. We are all different, unique and complicated beings. No doubt there will be one a least who doesn’t feel comfortable in some way. Whether they hate being photographed, they think they look ugly or they are uncomfortable in their outfit. Let it go, don’t let their energy pull you down. Acknowledge that they feel that way, but empower them to have fun. Let’s just try have fun together no matter what comes our way today. Maybe ask one of your other bridal party members if they can have a quick chat and see if their outfit needs fixing. Sometimes a little band aid can cue the worry.