Wishing Well Wording

Hello lovely ones,

There are many different options for your wishing well wording, and that's because things have changed these days. A lot of couples have already got their homes, dogs, and all the furniture that does in between, so they don't need cheese platters or possibly even gift registers. Don't get me wrong, I have seen couples have gift registries and they work so well.

There is a great one called "Not another Toaster"

Honeymoons are still really popular. Organising a weeding can be really stressful especially if the couples are still working full time or they might even have kids so they're busy researching and booking things in between the craziness of the week.

Some couples opt for a Wishing Well to contribute to their first home or to help them on their way. So here are many different Wishing Well wording options for you to check out.