Planning Tools

Planning your Wedding is one of the most exciting chapters to your lives. To make it easy for you I have some Planning Tools which I hope can help the process a little easier and of course fun.


Invitation Wording

Many couples ask about the different ways of writing up their wording for their invitations. Check out some different examples here.


Wording to include or exclude kids from either the Reception, Ceremony or both

Have you thought about whether children are going to be invited to your Wedding Day? Here's some wording suggestions that might help you work out how to say it without offending your loved ones.


Excel Guest list -
Names and Address for the envelopes

For the Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Save the Dates, Invitations all the way to the Thank You cards, your list of your guests names and address is hot property. Here is an excel template for you to use and get started on finding everyone's addresses.


Font options

There are many beautiful fonts out there, some of them are so beautiful that they cost money. Most designers will have 1,000's of fonts for you to choose from. I have some examples here most of them are in trend at the moment, so if there is something you've seen somewhere however not here, you're welcome to email me a copy of the font and I'll do my best to source it.

Place Cards
Seating Chart elegant design

Excel Place Cards & Seating Chart

Finally got all your RSVP's back and you've amended your guest list as you discover dietary requirements and who can and can't attend. It's now time to organise your Place Cards and Seating Chart. The Seating Chart is one of the toughest jobs for many couples. If your venue hasn't supplied you already with your Seating Plan, you're welcome to use these templates.


There are many different colours and depending on the season and year you're getting married there are many different colour themes and swatches to go with.

Spring: For a spring palette, consider fresh earthy tones and pastels. For invitation inspiration, try herbs, flowers, plants, citrus and linen fabric. Pastels are a hot trend at the moment.

Summer: For a summer palette, consider bright colors or neon. For invitation inspiration, try fresh cut flowers, travel and adventure. Rose Gold metallic ink is really popular at the moment.

Autumn: For an autumn palette, consider rich, warm shades. For invitation inspiration, try tweed, felt, dark wood, leather, old books, berries and apples. Copper metallic ink is really popular at the moment.

Winter: For a winter palette, consider cool, muted tones, greys, blues, whites, gold, silver and a splash of red. For invitation inspiration, try weathered wood, fluffy and cozy textures, glitter, twigs and logs. Metallic's are a great option.

Place card

Style Guide

Whether you need some design ideas just for the Wedding Invitations or your On the Day Stationery, you can check out these Place Card Style Guide.


Thank you card wording

When it comes to the wording of your Wedding thank you cards, I suggest making a cup of tea and just sitting a moment before we start writing. Take the time to find some wording that resonates with you both the most, or listen to your heart.

You can choose to print a generic personalised message on your thank you cards or hand write on each one. I find that some couples won't complete their thank you cards because the job seems too big and overwhelming. It's also very time consuming to hand write a note on every card. So if you think you agree, I would suggest printing a message so you can save time.

Here is some wording examples for you to look at. Nothing is gospel so just pick and choose the wording that suits you both.




Love what you see

1. Contact me :-) 

2. Fill out your quote details so I can inform you with some more information

3. We can organise a Free consultation or we can jump right in and start designing.

4. Once we have the perfect match I will get a sample printed
and then we are ready to press print.

5. Your box full of stationery arrives at your door

6. Your guests are blown away and your phone wont stop ringing,
emails flooding in and text messages 24/7




Where do we meet?

If you're based in Geelong, however I also work with couples in Melbourne and Bendigo.
We can arrange a time that suits us all to meet and go through the stationery and all you
might need for the wedding day.


What if I live outside of
Victoria or overseas

We can work over email, and I am also very happy to do a skype meeting, and even send you a sample so you know what they look like, feel the quality of the paper and experience how your guests will feel.

Video of the Photography styled Wedding Stationery

Or check out the video about how much effort just goes into the printing.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long does the process take?

How long is a piece of string?

Every couple organises their Big Day differently, however a lot of couples are sending out Save the Dates so this gives a lot more time for us to work with, when it comes to the Invitations. It really depends on when your Big Day is, if it's around public holidays or at times when your guests might organise to go away, I suggest sending a Save the Date. Why? Because it takes the stress of your shoulders of getting the invitations out sooner than later. It also means your guests won't miss out on your celebration.

If you need a rush order please contact me and I will see if I can help you. Contact me


Q. How soon should i book in for wedding stationery?

I would suggest booking in your order as soon as you have decided to proceed. Especially if you have photography included in your design. Please contact me for me pricing and booking confirmation details. 


Q. Should I order all of my stationery at once?

This process is usually spread out over a period of months. For Save the Date cards, I suggest you order these first as soon as you have set the date for your wedding and have locked in your venue.

It seems by experience that mailing your wedding invitations as soon as you can is less stressful for everyone involved. This could be around 3 months before your big day. Therefore ordering your invitations 4-5 months before you want to post them out just to be safe.

For all 'on the Big Day' stationery, I need a minimum of 3 weeks for printing and delivery to your door. However sometimes the Table Chart is printed two weeks before the Wedding. For the Guest Books and Guest Signing Canvas it's best to have them ordered at least 4 weeks before the Wedding.


q. How long before my wedding should I set the reply date?

Generally, RSVP should be at least 2-3 weeks before your deadline date for caterers etc., which may mean 4-6 weeks before the wedding date. This also depends on the timing of when you send out the invitations; you need to give the guests at least 3-4 weeks to make arrangements and reply. Give yourself a bit of extra time, send them early, this will give you time for slow responding guests and allow you to personally contact any guests that have not responded within the specified time. A great way to speed up RSVP replies is to include a stamped RSVP card with the invitation. You will be amazed at how promptly these come back.

From my experience so far many couples are sending out their invitations a lot earlier than the past. From 6-3 Months before the Wedding date. It might be best to look at the date of your Wedding and if there are any long weekends or holidays you might need to send a Save the Date out so your guests don't book any holidays on the same day.


Q. How long does the photography sessions take?

The quickest photo shoot went for 30mins, as I knew exactly what I was after. However most photo shoots go for about 1 hour, also depending on if we walk from one location to another or we are having a fun time it might go over an hour.


Q. Can we provide our own Professional Photos?

Yes, you sure can. A lot of photographers offer an engagement photo shoot in their Wedding Photography Packages. This is a gorgeous way to use those photos. Alternatively the photography element is included in the prices.

Please make sure your photographer is happy for you to use their photos, and are very happy to put their business name on the back of your invitation.


Q. Do you print the guest names on the invitations or can we hand write them?

Yes, I can personalise everything from your invitations and envelopes to your place cards. You will have the option to personalise you order with your guest details once you place your order.


Q. What is the best pen to use if handwriting my guest names on the invitation?

If you´re writing on a white or very pale colour, any quality ball point, gel, fountain, or specialty metallic paint pen will work. If there area is black or a dark colour, you will need to use a permanent pen (designed to write on plastic). Typically a white, silver or gold “paint pen” or fine tip media pen works best.


Q. Do you have a minimum order run for Wedding Invitations?

Yes, due to the high costs to have printing, the set up costs, photography and design involved in my stationery I have a minimum order requirement of 25 units per item.


Q.Where can we have our photo taken?

I am happy to meet couples anywhere in Victoria. Otherwise there is a travel fee. If the location is 30km's out of Melbourne there is a $50.00 travel fee.


Q. We are based Interstate, or Overseas, can you still design &
print our wedding stationery for us?

Yes of course! I work with couples from right across Australia and overseas as well. For this reason I have a strong online presence and briefing process to ensure that although we are unable to meet in person, I am still able to design and print exquisitely well suited invitations for your day. Working via email I am completely at ease corresponding with my clients from afar.


Q. Can I arrange an appointment?

Yes you can, however before arranging a time to get together, I will need to ensure my availability for your requirements. Please contact me for more information.


Q. Do you charge to have your invitations custom designed?

For all orders that are not existing, I do charge for custom design and photography however it is included in the price. I design a minimum of five custom designed invitations exclusively designed to suit your wedding day. Once the custom design minimum runs out there is an additional design charge of $25.00 which includes another 2 drafts.


Q. Do all of your invitations come with envelopes?

Yes. All of my invitations, RSVP's (if applicable) and Save the Dates come with a plain white envelopes as part of the cost.

I also have a selection of coloured envelopes that are available at an additional cost. I can also order special stock for you as well at an additional cost. Or you can provide your own.

All invitations and envelopes will be delivered to the customer unsealed.

I will print the names and addresses if you would like. Otherwise, all invitations with blank envelopes will be sent packaged in an invitation bundle and an envelope bundle ready for you to write addresses on yourself. This is to avoid all unnecessary handling of your stationery.


Q. Can you print the guest names and address on the envelopes?

I can print your guest name and address directly onto our envelopes. This also includes the return label. I also can make custom designed labels with an image on the label, for an additional fee.


Q. Are stamps or postage costs to send out my invitations included?

No, your postage costs to send your invitations are not included in the price. I advise to visit Australia Post at for up to date pricing.

My DL, 11B, C6 and Greeting Card Size 130x185mm are classified as standard sizing and currently cost $1.00.

My square invitation is $2.00 in Australia to mail, assuming you don't exceed the weight restrictions.


Q. Delivery Times:

I use Australia Express Post to deliver your goods*.

Invitations orders are shipped Express Post from my studio in Melbourne. Express post delivery is approx 1 buisness day for all Australian capital cities. Allow 2-4 business days for shipping if located in a regional area. This link shows Australia Post’s time frame by post code:

I ship all of our orders via Express Post at a flat rate of $15.

*Samples are out sent via Regular Australia Post . All sample orders are delivered free of charge in Australia


Q. What are the delivery costs?

I use Australia Post to deliver your goods. We advise to visit Australia Post at for up to date pricing.

Sample Orders: FREE via Regular Australia Post within Australia*

Some order will be FREE delivery if the order is over $250.00

Invitations Orders – Australia Wide $15 via Express Post
Invitations Orders – International $80 via Australia Post “Express Post International”

*Please note the first hard copy sample is free, however more samples will include a $20.00 fee.


Q. What are my payment options?

I accept Direct Debit, PayPal and cash or Payments completed through Etsy.


Q. What type of paper do you use?

I only print on quality paper mostly Australian, others are imported and where possible I choose to print on Recycled paper stocks. My stocks are available from 200gsm 350gsm weight for invitations. These beautiful stocks are available in Plain, Plain Gloss, Textured and I also have a nice Metallic paper stock which is an extra $1 per invitation. These papers are environmentally friendly and are made from reclaimed fibres from the textile industry.


Q. Can I cancel my order after I buy it

Yes, I understand circumstances change. If you need to cancel your order and I have not started design or it has been printed yet, contact me and I will cancel your order and refund your payment immediately, if necessary.


Q. My Stationery does not match my sample...?

Specialty paper varies slightly in colour from one batch to the next. Digital CMYK printing also has slight variances in production colour depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and conditions. To minimise these variances, I have a good relationship with my printers and they will forewarn me if there is any issues.

Occasionally, a sample you ordered a several months ago will vary slightly from the product you receive. If this happens, or for any reason you are not happy with the colour match, please call me and I will resolve the issue.


Q. What is your refund policy?

I, A Box Full of Matches has a 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your invitations, please contact me immediately. I will reprint your invitations at no cost to you or I will refund your money.


Q. What do I need to do to ensure there are no errors in my invitations and stationery?

Once your order is placed, I will send you a PDF proof to review. Whilst I am a dedicated designer who thoroughly reviews each item for spelling and punctuation errors in the proofing stage, it is always best to have another set of eyes look over the proof to ensure that all of your wedding details are accurate.

To minimise the risk of any errors in your order going to print, carefully check the wording on your invitations as well as the spelling of your guest details.

Once your digital proof has been approved, it will be sent into production and no further changes to your order can be made.


Q. Can I change the wording on my invitations?

You can either use our suggested wording and layout as a guide or you can create something entirely new. If you've printed your invitations and need them amended, there is additional printing fees for reprints.


Q. Can I change the colour on my invitations?

Sure can! Being a graphic designer I can change the colour of the photos and I can even edit "photoshop" your photos if you wish.


Q. Custom Colours:

Custom Designs include all custom ideas and changes. If you have specific colour requirement for an existing design there is a $25 charge to match or customise a colour for you. If you have a sample of the colour or fabric swatch send it in to us, and we can typically match the colour closely.


Q. Can I change the font on my invitations?

You sure can. While I am going through the design process you are able to make the amendments to the fonts.


Q. What can be customised on my stationery?
Included as part of the proofing stage:

  • Simple colour changes and photoshoping

  • Wording

  • Wedding Verses

  • Removal or change of Fonts

  • Paper Type

  • Spacing and Positioning

Extra's: Conditions apply (some of the below items are already included in your order)

  • Map Designed $25.00

  • Multiple languages$25.00

  • Multiple invitation designs $25.00

Q. How do i get my address data into ms excel so that the entire 3-4 line
address is in one cell?

On a PC press and hold the ALT key and then hit Enter

On a Mac press and hold the CTRL and OPTIONS keys and then hit Enter


Q. How do i send you my guest's names and addresses?

There are three options for entering the guest list information:

  • Enter the data directly into our guest list excel file

  • If you already have a spreadsheet of names and addresses, or even a partial list, start by exporting our excel template and then copy/paste your data into the appropriate columns. Next, import the data into the ‘our guest list’ toolkit.

  • If you have trouble, you can always upload or email your list to us and we can sort it out.


Q. Can I use my own spreadsheet in excel and import them?

Definitely, start the process by exporting our guest list to get the column formatting requirements and allow you to copy/paste your Outlook or .xls address list into our format. Finally, import the guest list into our system and you are ready to proceed. If you have trouble, you can email the list to us and we can take care of it.