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In every interaction I want my clients to feel like they're working with a real person, who genuinely cares about them. Who value the commitment I go too, to get to know them to create beautiful stationery that reflects who they are.

I hope that my clients have a tremendous amount of trust in me because I became an integral part of their Wedding Day or event.

I share in my clients excitement when they receive the wonderful feedback from their guests. And I hope they receive comments like " These are the best invitations ever!" and become advocates and evangelists of my brand.

I appreciate all types of feedback, good and the bad, because I want you to know I'm a genuine person who cares about your experience, and possibly your future experience or your friends experience with me.

Thank you for your time.

Em x x

Office Hours 10am – 5pm Mon - Friday

If you'd prefer to meet in person, you're more than welcome. Consultations are conducted after business hours during the week, I'm very flexible with meeting times, usually I find that
5:30pm or 6pm works best

Photo shoots are conducted on any day, usually on the weekends.

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Phone: Friday to Mon 10am-5pm  
+61 (0)438 085 830


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